gerry wright

Books written and published by Gerry have contributed a great deal to the knowledge base of  the New Zealand Navy history that is available. From specific ships, HMNZS Blackpool to individual biographies such as the story of Lieutenant Douglas L Hazard RNZNVR in his book A Kiwi Sailor at War. Several non military books have also been written such as Rainbow Warrior Salvage.


Gerry Wright
Gerry celebrating the launch of his latest book.


As a hobby, Gerry Wright researches New Zealand naval history.

He joined the New Zealand Navy in 1955 as a Seaman Boy, Second Class, and rose through the ranks to Lieutenant Commander, during which he commanded several sea going ships. After 26 years he retired and joined the Ministry of Transport, Marine Division, as the Nautical Advisor (Oil Pollution). In 1995 he returned to the sea as Master of several merchant ships plying the South Pacific.

As well as the published books on this website, Gerry is working on several further manuscripts.


HMNZS Charles UphamHMNZS Charles Upham is Gerry's latest book.



 Operation Grapple
Operation Grapple, HMNZS Pukaki, 1958



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